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Donegal CYPSC Induction Pack

This Induction Pack was developed in 2016 for members of the Children & Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) for County Donegal and provides an introduction to CYPSC, and practical information for member’s organisations and their representatives. The purpose of the induction pack is to assist organisations representatives on Donegal Children & Young people’s Service Committee to become familiar with CYPSC and it their role within Donegal CYPSC. 

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(Outcome 2: Achieving full potential in learning & development)










Donegal CYPSC Education & Learning Subcommittee celebrate the launch of READ DL 2017. READ DL is part of the Literacy Project and has become an annual event in County Donegal. It is an interagency project sponsored and led by Letterkenny Institute of Technology. The book chosen for READ DL 2017 is 'The Breadwinner' by Deborah Ellis. 'Wonder' by Raquel J. Palacio was chosen in 2015. Photo above: Donegal Youthreach Centres getting involved in READ DL 2015.

Click here for details of READ DL, based on the worldwide 'One Book, One Community' initiative.



Make One Change Campaign 2017

(Outcome 1: Active & Healthy Physical and mental Wellbeing)            

The Parent Hub Donegal launched the 2017 “Make One Change Campaign” in January. Schools in Donegal will be sent information about this years’ campaign and leaflets will be available in local Family Resource Centres across the county as well as online on www.parenthubdonegal.ieFor further information Contact Parent Hub Donegal partners:- Patricia Lee, ParentStop at  0879880476  Or Mary Walker Callaghan, Lifestart Services at 0876791898

Parent Hub Donegal is a CYPSC Subcommittee under Health & Wellbeing.

(Photo : Parent Hub Donegal Committee members at the Official Launch of the website June 2016.)

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Web Safety Working Group 

(Outcome 3: Safe & Protected from Harm, Subcommittee Safe & Secure)

Donegal CYPSC WebSafety working group has re-established and is currently in planning mode for the new Children & Young People's Plan.

Photo: Ombudsman for Children Niall Muldoon launching the Web Safety Survey Final Report 

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Well-Being Guidelines in schools Working Group

(Outcome 1: Active & Healthy, Physical & Mental Well-Being)

Well-being Guidelines in School is a Sub committee of Donegal CYPSC. Donegal CYPSC provided the interagency vehicle that initiated this project and fostered collaboration resulting in the development of 2 Well-being Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion in Primary & Post-Primary Schools. The Guidelines for Schools have been developed by an inter-departmental group comprised of members from the Department of Education & Skills/ National Educational Psychological Service, the Health Service Executive and the Department of Health.               

Well-being in Primary Schools. Published January 2015 Click here to view

Well-being in Post-Primary Schools. Published January 2013 Click here to view

  (Developed by the National Educational Psychological Service in consultation with advisors from the Dept. Education & Skills, Health Service Excutive, Dept. Health and Dept. Children & Youth Affairs)                                                                                                        

Bookworm Babies

(Outcome 2: Achieving full potential in learning & development)

Donegal CYPSC Education & Learning Subcommittee - Early Years, established Bookworm Babies in 2013. Bookworm Babies is an ongoing interagency project led by Donegal Library Service and LifeStart Donegal. Several resources have been developed to support new parents read to their children from a very young age and to encourage a love of reading in children as they grow. This forms part of the supports delivered during Lifestart home visits.

Photo: Bookworm Babies launch 2013


Click here to view Bookworm Babies birthday card (English)  Click here to view Bookworm Babies birthday card

Click here to view Bookworm Babies birthday card (Irish)


Creating Lifelong Readers

(Outcome 2: Achieving full potential in learning & development)

Donegal CYPSC Education and Learning Subcommittee developed the Creating Lifelong Readers Project which is delivered through pre-school services and directly to parents in the home. The overriding aim of the project is to help parents understand how children's use of the spoken and written word develops in the early years; to be aware of the crucial role of books and reading in this process, and to provide parenst and educators with the knowledge and skills to inspire children to become readres for life.

Click here to view Creating Lifelong Readers - Early Childhood Educators handbook


Off the Shelf

(Outcome 2: Achieving full potential in learning & development)

Off the Shelf - Community Book Project – Get Involved!

As part of its support for children and families the Donegal Children & Young People's Services Committee (CYPSC), and its subgroups, develop a number of initiatives in collaboration with other organisations and agencies.

Off the Shelf is community book project which aims to promote and encourage reading for children and adults. This project aims to encourage idea networking, compliment other activities to create lifelong readers, to develop an appreciation, interest, and enjoyment in reading, whether it be books, comics, magazines, newspapers, or any type of written words! 

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Donegal Young Carers Project

(Outcome 1: Active & Healthy Physical and mental Wellbeing)    

A Young Carer is a child or young person under the age of 24, whose life is affected by providing significant care, assistance or support to a relative at home. 

The Young Carers Implementation Group, a subcommittee of CYPSC supports a Young Carers Group which is running in Letterkenny. Through the Young Carers Project, we aim to identify, engage and support young Carers aged 12-24 years as well as raising awareness of the role young Carers have within our community, the challenges faced and valuable care they provide. The Young Carers Groups meets regularly in the LOFT, LK and is facilitated by Donegal Youth Service. Supports provided include:

  • Individual needs identification & support plan
  • One to one support
  • Young Carers peer activity group
  • Respite & fun Activities
  • School support
  • Training programmes to help young carers stay safe and well

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Profiling Challenges to the Education Sector in Donegal 2012

(Outcome 4: Economic security & opportunity)

The Economic Wellbeing Subcommittee undertook a significant piece of research into the impacts of the funding cuts implemented during the recession. A recent review of this report noted that many of the challenges highlighted are still relevant in 2017. Many of the recommendations included in this document are also still relevant today.

Click here to view the Report ' Profiling Challenges to the Education Sector in Donegal in 2012'



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