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Limerick CYPSC Children and Young People's Plan

Please click here to view the Children and Young People's Plan for ​2011-2014.


How are our Kids? 

Experiences and Needs of Children and Families in Limerick Regeneration Areas.

Please click here to download the full report.

Please click here to download the summary report.


Parenting Limerick Brochure

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Start Right Case Studies 

The Start Right case studies are presented in a series from 1 to 5 that tell the story of how supports have been put in place to improve outcomes for children and to work in partnership with parents in doing this. 

Case Study 1: Preschool Practice Manager: An Early Years Intervention

Case Study 2: Building Partnerships: A Start Right Approach to Mentoring in the Early Years

Case Study 3: Sunnyside Afterschool Club

Case Study 4: Early Years Manager's Network

Case Study 5: Partnership with Parents = Success


Limerick CYPSC Newsletters

The Limerick CYPSC newsletters highlight the achievements of projects working with children, young people and families across Limerick.

Issue 8, May 2015

Issue 9, 19 December 2016


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