Longford Westmeath Children & Young People's Services Committee

The joint working in the past of both voluntary and statutory agencies in Longford and Westmeath collectively has been the cornerstone of delivery of services to date for children, young people and families. It is because of this positive ongoing working relationship that the Committee agreed to form a single Children and Young People's Services Committee for the two counties. Some of the achievements of the CYPSC include:

The Gateway Project. The purpose is to “Encourage young people to complete their education so that they can face the working world with ability and confidence”. The project has three strands; Youth, Education and Family and is a multiagency collaboration.

National Early Years Access Initiative (NEYAI) Consortium. Established in 2011 with multi agency representatives from approximately 10 organisations to promote the development and sustainability of childcare provision in Longford and Westmeath.

Longford/Westmeath Parenting Project. The Longford/Westmeath Parenting Partnership (LWPP) is an interagency partnership comprising nine statutory and non-statutory organisations with the purpose of delivering Triple-P an evidence based parenting knowledge and skills programme to the parents of children aged 3-7 in Longford/Westmeath. Evidence of population-wide benefit has emerged from an evaluation of this initiative. The evaluation, Parenting support for every parentfound consistent improvements across a range of parenting and child behaviour concerns.  


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