Some of the priorities identified by Wexford CYPSC include:

  • Consultation and Meaningful Participation: A key priority coming out of our planning day was the need for a consultation day with young people in the county as to their issues / needs in respect of the identified outcomes and key working objectives – education, health, welfare and safety, community participation and economics. This is to be an initiative of the Young People and Mental Health Working Group.
  • In addition, the CYPSC recognise the fact that some children’s voices can be harder to hear. Therefore strategies are being developed to engage with Traveller and ethnic minority groups to ensure that they are supported to participate in the Working Groups and CYPSC process.
  • Focus on Early Intervention: The CYPSC recognises that different outcomes can be achieved by engaging with children and young people at an early stage.
  • Advocacy: Raising policy issues at a national level – using CYPSC members experience and practice to show the impact of policy on young people. At a local level, encouraging agencies to alter their plans and resourcing based on the analysis and findings of the CYPSC.


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