The Waterford Children & Young People's Plan has highlighted the main priorities for Agencies working to improve the lives of all Children & Young People living in Waterfrord City & County.

The main priorities identified the need to improve service delivery in rural areas (given the dominance of the City in service provision) and the need to improve and coordinate referral pathways of services for children & families, particularly in the area of mental health supports.


Local Priority Areas

  • Improved information & referral pathways for Children & Young People's Mental Health Services
  • Improved access to Support Services in Rural Areas using shared Community Hubs
  • Supports / Training for Staff in frontline services in dealing with issues such as Healthy Activities, Food & Obesity, Drugs & Alcohol, Mental Health / Suicide, Cyberbullying & Internet Safety etc
  • School Attendance, Participation, Retention & Early School Leaving
  • Strengthening Transitions for children at various life stages
  • Roll out of Meitheal & PPFS
  • Promotion of Waterford as a Restorative Practice Community
  • Improve participation of Children, Young People & Parents in decision making in the planning and design of services




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