Active and Healthy Subgroup

Health and Wellbeing

Chair: Thelma Birrane –  HSE

National Outcome:  Active and Healthy, Physical and Mental Wellbeing



Child and Youth Mental Health Subgroup


National Outcome: Active and Healthy, Physical and Mental Wellbeing




Education and Learning Subgroup

Chair: Sheila Feeney - School Completion Programme

National Outcome: Achieving full potential in all areas of learning and development

Desciption of subgroups work


Safeguarding Children and Young People Subgroup

Chair: Heather Wilson - Tusla Child and Family Agency

National Outcome: Safe and protected from harm

Desciption of subgroups work


 Prevention Partnership and Family Support Subgroup

Chair: Liam Whyte - Tusla Child and Family Agency

National Outcome: Safe and Protected from Harm

The Prevention, Partnership and Family Support Sub-Group provides direction and support to the Child and Family Support Networks and co-ordinates supports for parents and families in Mayo. The group is guided by the principles laid out in the Parenting Support Strategy and the Parental Participation Toolkit. 


Economic Security and Opportunity Subgroup

Chair: Breda Ruane – Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board

National Outcome: Economic security and opportunity



Child and Youth Participation Subgroup

Chair: Sheila Mc Ardle - Galway Mayo Institute Technology

National Outcome: Connected respected and contributing to their world



Information, Research and Communications Subgroup

Chair: Síofra Kilcullen – Mayo County Council

National Outcome: Change Management








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