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Sligo Leitrim CYPSC - Children and Young People's Consultation 2018

'Reviewing the Safety of Children and Young People in Sligo Leitrim' - 'A Colloborative Approach with Children, Young People and Parents'

The 'Safe and Protected from Harm' Working Group of the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC as one of their commitments, aimed to gather the views of children and young people aged between 8 and 24 years in the two counties, about what keeps children and young people free from harm.

The 'Safe and Protected from Harm' Working Group undertook research to identify the views and opinions of children and young people on safety within their community, school/educational environment and their home. In addition to this, engagement with professionals and consultation with parents/guardians was also undertaken, to gain an insight from the perspective of adults engaging with children and young people on a regular basis and to elicit the opinions of their parents/guardians. The report outlines the research undertaken by Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People’s Service Committee (CYPSC).

Reviewing the Safety of Children and Young People in Sligo /Leitrim:   

A Report of the Findings can be accessed here:  Reviewing the Safety of  Children and Young People in Sligo/Leitrim

For the Executive Summary click here :  Executive Summary


Local Participation Practice Guidelines

Sligo Leitrim CYPSC-Children & Young Peoples Participation Lab

The Tusla Child and Youth Participation Toolkit, launched in 2016, is one of a number of initiatives undertaken under Goal 1 of the National Children's Strategy since 2000. This initiative is underpinned by the Lundy Model of Participation. The guidelines present all of us who have responsibility to provide services for children and young people with an opportunity to consider individually and collectively how our practice actively facilitates and supports children and young people  to participate and engage with us.         

In 2016, the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC 'Education/School Age Childcare' Working Group and the 'Early Years' Working Group came together to develop a "Youth Participation Lab" and successfully sourced funding under the Tusla Seed Funding for Participatory Practice Initiatives.  The role is now the responsibility of the CYPSC 'Connected, Respected and Contributing to their World' Working Group. The thrust of this project was to enable consultation with children and young people in Sligo and Leitrim to ensure their voices are heard in relation to the quality of services they receive; their involvement in the planning of services; and decision-making in relation to the development of services. The project aimed to develop common tools and practice under the four ‘Quadrants’ of the Lundy Model to support engagement with children and young people in Sligo and Leitrim, by the organisations, agencies and groups they are part of. The resultant project, 'Local Participation Practice Guidelines' was developed and launched in 2018. The guideline as a resource, is broken down into age categories: Pre-school Aged Children 3 - 5 years; Primary School Aged Children 5 - 12 years; and Post Primary School Aged Children and Young People 12 - 18 years.

The guidelines can be accessed here:Local Participation Guidelines




CYPSC "Parents Own Plan" App- Free on the App store or Google play 





The CYPSC 'Parents Own Plan' (POP) is a free App available on both android and iPhones. It's an App where you can save all those appointments and plans for your children and which will 'remind' you of these by alarming or buzzing you. These appointments can vary from a dental appointment to football training!

The App can be translated into 6 languages.



When the app is installed and opened it will allow selection of both Region and Language. 


Dublin City South

When the app is installed and opened it will allow selection of both Region and Language. This is then stored in the app when opening again.

Download the App free on Play Store or App Store 

Also go to YouTube and see CYPSC Parents Own APP walkthrough to see how you simply and easily install this free and really useful Parent App
Hope you find this really useful

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Sligo Leitrim Directory of Services

The Sligo Leitrim Directory of Services was launched in January 2016. It is a collaborative action between the Sligo Leitrim Youth Mental Health Initiative and the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC. The directory provides official listings of over 115 services for children, young people and families in Sligo and Leitrim.

Click here to visit www.sligoleitrimdirectory.ie.







                           Healthy Ireland Funding                        





Healthy Ireland, a Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013-2025, is the national framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of Ireland over the coming generation.

In April 2018, The Department of Health and Pobal announced further grants under Healthy Ireland Funding.

Sligo Leitrim CYPSC, invited expressions of interest from services and organisations for this funding which would ensure the delivery of the priority actions of Children and Young People’s Plan(CYPP) 2017- 2019.

A total of €37,100 was approved for Sligo Leitrim CYPSC under the HIF grant for 2018/2019.

The following 6 projects are delivering programmes under the funding;

Action 1: Buntús Start Programme in Leitrim                                                           

Buntús Starts is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged between 2-5 years old. A total of 5 Early Years services and 35 Early years practitioners engaged in the programme.

This encouraged a supportive environment where physical activity becomes normal in this case between County Childcare Committees and local Early Years Education and Care Services




Action 2: Balance Bike Programme                                                                      

This programme involved the introduction of a new Balance Bike programme in preschools in County Sligo (targeting both rural and urban areas) with the aim of increasing physical activity levels by introducing preschool children to the skills of cycling. Programme materials and promotion was coordinated by Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership in conjunction with Sligo County Childcare Committee.

12 Preschools took part in the programme, which trained 44 Early Years Teachers  to deliver Balance Bikes training to 326 children.


Watch the Balance Bike video here: Balance Bike Video                                               







Action 3: Foróige Get Active

One of the aims of the Foróige CRIB project is to “Increase the Health and Wellbeing of young people at higher levels of need through the provision of intensive group work programmes, individual programmes and support programmes which are needs led”.

The Foróige CRIB Project engages young people aged 10-18 years

The HIF grant allowed young people to directly influence their service. The types of activities that were provided in partnership with NorthWest Adventure Tours were Supping, Hiking, Biking, Woodland Challenges, Team Obstacle courses.








Action 4: LGBT Youth Group Support Group

Youth Work Ireland North Connaught was awarded funding for a support group for LGBT youth in County Leitrim. The youth project focuses on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered young people between the ages of 14 & 23 years.

The project will develop and provide support, advice, and a referral service where/when needed to LGBT young people, Parents, Second Level Schools, Training Centres, Youth and Community Groups in County Leitrim.







Action 5: Intercultural worker

Using the Healthy Ireland Fund, Sligo Family Resource Centre employed an Intercultural worker to support the health and wellbeing of the most disadvantaged groups and those experiencing significant health inequalities in particular new and indigenous communities.

This work, in conjunction with the Sligo FRC Family Support Service, with parents and children from ethnic and cultural minorities addresses issues around parenting, child development, mental and physical wellbeing. This is done through involving them in mainstream activities and support around accessing services.







Action 6: Breastfeeding and weaning

2 Breastfeeding Support workers ( 1 x Sligo, 1 x Leitrim) and 1 Weaning and Nutrition Support Work were employed by Lifestart to promote and support Breastfeeding with a specific focus on delivering  Information and education to pregnant women and providing peer support during the postnatal period.

Information sessions were provided to parents in Sligo and Leitrim addressing fears and anxieties in relation to nutrition and weaning. One to one advice was offered to families who required additional support.



















2018 Events 

Parent Hub Sligo Leitrim Facebook page is run by the Parenting Support Champions in Sligo Leitrim to share parenting tips and distribute information on parenting events in the region. 











Make One Change 

Make One Change is an opportunity for families to build good habits by getting out and active together, making time to eat dinner together more regularly, eating more healthily, turning off the phones and tablets to spend time together, listening more to each other or whatever would make a difference for them as a family. Through their local schools, families were invitied to "Make One Change" and send their responses back, to be in with a chance to win family cinema passes. 2018 winners are listed below. 











A big congratulations to the winners of the 'Make 1 Change' Campaign, Lily Sneyd in Scoil Mhic Diarmada, Kiltyclogher Co Leitrim and Kayden Hannon Gordon, Enniscrone National School, Co Sligo.
Both girls won family tickets to local cinemas. Congrats!
Our photos show Tricia Mc Laughlin, CYPSC member and a Parent Champion presenting the prizes to both Lily and her school Principal Geraldine Cullen and Kayden with her school Principal Grace Kelly. 
Thanks to all the pupils, teachers, Principals and parents for your interest in the 'Make 1 Change' Campaign and watch out for our autumn competition



2017 Events 

Safeguarding Consultation Event

A consultation event took place in March 2017, in the Clayton Hotel, Sligo, hosted by the Safeguarding Children & Young People Working Group. It focused on the safety of children and young people in Sligo and Leitrim, in line with Outcome 3 of the 5 National Outcomes. The purpose of the event was to identify priority areas for child and youth safety for Sligo and Leitrim.

The event sought opinions and thoughts on the following in relation to safety for children and young people in both counties, in the home, school and community:

  • What is already in place?
  • What can be improved?
  • What is working well?
  • Who is responsible?
  • Where are there gaps?
  • What are the solutions?

Over 80 people, representing more than 30 services from the statutory, community and voluntary sector, attended the event. Invitations to the event were issued to primary and post primary schools, Education Centres, Comhairle na nÓg​, students at two third level colleges, Education Training Board, Tusla services, HSE services, Sports Partnerships, Local Authorities, Training Workshops, Traveller Support Groups, Development Companies, the Irish Farmers' Association​, Rape Crisis Centre, Gardaí, GPs, the Community and Voluntary Sector, Tenancy Supports and other service in Sligo and Leitrim. 

Claire Gavigan, chairperson of the Safeguarding Children & Young People Working Group, opened the event, welcomed participants and outlined national and local context. She highlighted the posters displayed in the conference room which outlined the supports, services, policies and procedures already in place in services in Sligo and Leitrim. She asked participants to add comments to these posters.

Opening remarks were made by Chief Superintendent Michael Clancy, Sligo Leitrim Gardai; Miriam Connaughton, Social Work Team Leader, Tusla Child & Family Agency; and Mary Quinn, Director of Services, Leitrim Co Council.

An independent facilitator engaged for the event worked with attendees to list services/supports already in place and working well; the priority needs/gaps; and possible solutions. Breakout groups focussed on safety in the community; safety in Early Years Services, schools and the education environment; and safety in the home.       

These breakout groups were facilitated by staff from various agencies delivering services to children, young people and families in Sligo and Leitrim.

A  final report was prepared. Safeguarding Consultation Event



Parenting Programmes Showcase Event

Sligo Leitrim CYPSC hosted a Parenting Programmes Showcase Event to share information with service providers to children, young people and families and as a celebration of International Children’s Day. The event took place on 1st June 2017 in the Conference Room, Old Nazareth House, Church Hill, Sligo, from 9.30am to 11am.

The purpose was to promote parenting programmes delivered by a service to other service providers and agencies.  It is intended that the attendees will in turn promote or deliver these programme to parents, especially targeted parents.



Presentations were made by:

  • Tricia Mc Laughlin, Manager, Sligo Leitrim Lifestart: The Growing Child
  • Orla Tuohy, National Parenting Lead Tusla and Lifestart Foundation: Tusla, Parenting 24Seven
  • Caroline Bradshaw, Assistant Manager, Sligo Family Resource Centre: Parents Plus
  • Catherine Meehan, Lead Family Visitor, Sligo Leitrim Lifestart: Parents Plus
  • Anne Marie Regan, Project Leader, Foroige Sligo Leitrim: Common Sense Parenting
  • Mary Hough, Director, Sligo Education Centre: Incredible Years

A further presentation was made on the development of an ‘App for Parents’ by Tricia Mc Laughlin, Manager of Sligo Leitrim Lifestart.  Tricia is chair of sub group under the CYPSC Parenting Support Working Group. She advised that the sub group received Tusla Seed Funding in 2016 and is developing a simple easy to use App to assist parents to navigate the services and supports involved in supporting their family. The service provider will assist the parent to input initial information onto the App. This will then link to a calendar where information regarding times and dates of next appointments will be imputed.


Tricia advised that the App will be:

  • A simple user friendly product, once downloaded, will not require internet access.
  • A product which will enable parents to manage appointments and see clearly ‘who’ has ‘what’ role with ‘which’ organisation in supporting their family.
  • Parents and services will be able to work together to manage the services which are supporting the family.
  • It will give parents a link to other services which may be of benefit to them.

Tricia further stated that the App will link to the existing Sligo Leitrim Directory of Services.

Services providers from a variety of statutory, community and voluntary agencies attended the event and places were limited to 40 attendees. There was a very positive response from attendees to the presentations and literature advertising the programmes along with information from other services was also available.

There was much interest and anticipation with regard to the Parents’ App.


Decider Programme

Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People's Services Committee, in partnership with the Sligo Leitrim Youth Mental Health Initiative provided a two-day training workshop on ‘The Decider Programme’ on 27th and 28th April 2017.

One of the greatest challenges is teaching children and young people the skills to understand and manage their own emotions and mental health. The Decider is a skills-based programme which develops resilience. It teaches Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) mental health skills that are fun, effective, memorable and easy to use. It can be used at home, in education and youth settings, in the workplace and in social and health settings.

The Decider summarises thirty-two CBT and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) informed skills under four core skill sets:

  • the acceptance skills of distress tolerance
  • mindfulness
  • the change skills of emotion regulation
  • Inter-personal effectiveness.

The Decider Skills workshops ran over 2 full days, starting with an introduction about ‘The Decider’ and ‘The Lifejacket Metaphor’ on the first half day.

The trainers demonstrated how they teach and present all 32 skills within ‘The Decider Programme’. There were group discussions and opportunities to share ideas about how participants might teach the skills to their client group. The workshop was fun, creative and innovative...and probably very unlike anything trainees attended before!

The aim of the programme is to demonstrate to front-line staff how they can use the skills effectively within their professional practice, both in groups and with individuals. Participants also find the skills very useful for their own personal lives.

The workshops was offered to everyone who works with children and young people in Sligo and Leitrim to enable them to enhance the mental health of those they work with, including:

youth workers, teachers, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, support workers, nursing assistants, volunteers, social workers, probation and prison staff, therapists and consultant service users.

The training was made possible by the support of Sligo Leitrim Children and Young People's Services Committee, the Sligo Leitrim Youth Mental Health Initiative, the Déan Athrú Group, and the agencies working to support same.

 (See the Decider website for full details of programme content.)

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