Bridging the Digital Divide

Limerick CYPSC and Clare CYPSC: Bridging the Digital Divide for young people 

Since the Covid-19 emergency was announced it has come to the attention of the CYPSC that there are young people in our communities that do not have access to digital technologies in the home that can facilitate remote learning. These students have been placed at a significant disadvantge. In order to breach this "digital divide" , in partnership with Tusla Education Support Services (TESS), Limerick and Clare ETB, University of Limerick Access Office and Southill Hub, the Limerick and Clare CYPSCs initiated a call out to local businesses, corporations and service providers for donations of laptops which would be securely restored and distributed to students identified by their school.

We are currently liasing with a number of parters that have stepped forward to offer their support for this worthwhile initiative. This initiative is intended to augment support for schools through the Department of Education. Remote learning is going to be an aspect of schooling throughout 2020 so all donations will not only support end of year learning but future learning needs also.