Youth Mental Health Signposting Tool

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A key finding from a Mental Health Needs Assessment, carried out by the National Youth Health Programme, was the need to support organisations, practitioners and young people access appropriate mental health services.

In response to this need a Youth Mental Health Signposting tool providing information about mental health services and referral pathways was developed.  It had a soft launch on the 9th May and is a valuable resource for youth workers, young people, parents and members of the community.







The signposting Tool has four sections to make it easier for everyone to find out about what they need.  These sections are

1.  Services

2. Training Programmes

3. Community Supports

4. Childrens Rights 

More information on this timely resource is available from the National Youth Council of Ireland and you can get in touch with them in any number of ways:


Twitter handle: @nycinews




Or email


Click here to view the Youth Mental Health Signposting Tool

Click here to read the Mental Health Needs Assessment

Click here to visit the National Youth Council of Ireland


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