Wexford's next plan for children and young people

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Wexford CYPSC's Children and Young People’s Plan Autumn 2020-2023 was recently  launched online and is now available to download and read.

This is the second county-wide plan developed by Wexford CYPSC and if you missed the launch you can watch it now here:

Wexford's Children and Young People's Plan builds on the achievements of Wexford's multi-agency and multi-sector CYPSC over the previous years.  This includes increased inter-agency collaboration and enhanced parenting and early intervention supports through Wexford Parents Hub .

Speaking during the plan's launch, Wexford CYPSC Chairperson Mr. Greg Mullan took the opportunity to acknowledge the work undertaken in the CYPSC's first plan.  He also noted the contribution of all stakeholders especially the children and young people who took part in the consultation phase for the new plan.  While the plan launch had to be delayed because of the Covid 19 pandemic, implementation proceeded and has continued right throughout all the uncertainties that have arisen. Mr. Mullan thanked all stakeholders for their commitment to the process during this challenging time. 

Key priority areas have been identified in the plan under Ireland's five national outcomes for children and young people and Wexford CYPSC intend to further embed their work on mental health, parenting support, support for vulnerable children and  young people and for those that are not engaged in education, training or employment.

Some of the partner organisations that provide supports to children, young people and families in Co. Wexford also developed short videos outlining their service provision and how their services can be accessed.  These Wexford services videos were shared at the online launch and can be viewed on Wexford CYPSC's local  wexfordcypsc.ie website.

Download“Wexford Children and Young People’s Plan Autumn 2020 - 2023”. 

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