Wexford Early Literacy Campaign

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Wexford CYPSC launches an information campaign for parents and care-givers on the importance of promoting early literacy.

The launch took place in Wexford on September 9th 2019.  The campaign is an action of Wexford CYPSC's  Education Working Group and was led by Wexford County Childcare Committee.    The campaign consists of 3 short videos that focus on 


- the 0-12 month child

- the 2-3 year old and

- the 3-5 year old. 

The campaign is being promoted on Facebook and is hosted on the Wexford CYPSC website.  








The project was funded through the Healthy Ireland Fund supported by the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

For more information contact Wexford CYPSC Co-ordinator Sheila Barrett.

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