Summer Fun, Engagement and Connection

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A super-fun Summer is in play for Donegal. There’s a lot going on, and all of it organised by local groups...

Donegal CYPSC has mapped all the Summer activities for children and young people taking place across the county and being provided by those dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people in Donegal.

As the Summer holidays appeared on the horizon, communities and local organisations across Donegal began their annual planning of activities, Summer schemes and great events. These events engage children and young people in age-appropriate creative, recreational, educational, and fun sporting activities.

Donegal CYPSC, decided to map the amazing array of enjoyable activities planned for Summer 2022.

Local groups and organisations across Donegal embraced this project and to date, details of over 70 fun activities have been gathered and all the information about them is available to local organisations and families.

Information gathered includes contact details of the host organisation, the activity, the location, the catchment area, and age category, and most importantly ‘how to book’ your place.

To avail of some activities a fee applies, and, in some cases, the National Childcare Scheme covers the cost.

In a collaboration with Donegal County Council, details of all these exciting activities have been added to a Digital map of Donegal. This Map will be updated as details of more activities and events become available throughout the Summer. 

Visit the Donegal CYPSC website page for more information on this activity feast with all the details, step-by-step-navigation guide and illustrations and the downloadable posters.

If you have information you’d like to see added to the Donegal Summer Scheme Mapping Project please contact the Donegal CYPSC Office:


Phone: 087 0622689

Happy Holidays, Enjoy the Fun! 

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