Safeguarding Consultation Event

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There was strong participation from local services at a Safeguarding Consultation Event hosted by Sligo Leitrim CYPSC's Safeguarding Children and Young People Working Group.

This Working Group is focussing on Outcome 3 of the five national outcomes for children and young people which is that children and young people are Safe and Protected from Harm

The consultation event took place in March and was attended by over 80 people, representing more than 30 services from the statutory, community and voluntary sectors. The purpose of the event was to identify priority areas for child and youth safety for Sligo and Leitrim.   

Claire Gavigan, Chairperson of the Safeguarding Children and Young People Working Group, opened the event, welcomed participants and outlined the national and local context. Claire drew attendees attention to posters in the conference room which displayed details of various supports, services, policies and procedures already in place in services in Sligo and Leitrim.  She then asked participants to add comments and notes to these posters about any additional relevant information they might have that was not presented yet on the posters.

Other speakers at the consultation event included

Chief Superintendent Michael Clancy, Sligo Leitrim Gardai;

Miriam Connaughton, Social Work Team Leader, Tusla Child & Family Agency;

Mary Quinn, Director of Services, Leitrim Co Council.

An independent facilitator engaged for the event worked with attendees to list services/supports already in place and working well, the priority needs/gaps and possible solutions to these.  Breakout groups focussed on

- safety in the community,

- safety in early years services, schools and the education environment;

- safety in the home.

A final report of the group discussions was prepared by the facilitator and forwarded to the Safeguarding Children and Young People Working Group.  All event  attendees will receive the report.

The Working Group Chairperson, who is a member of Sligo Leitrim CYPSC will present the findings and recommendations of the consultation event to the CYPSC meeting in late April.

The Working Group has planned further consultations with children, young people and parents in Sligo and Leitrim throughout April and the resultant report will be presented to the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC in due course.

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