Revised policy and enhanced mandate for CYPSC

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A Blueprint setting out the policy direction for the development of Children and Young People’s Services Committees over the next number of years was published on the 18th June 2015 by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.  It acknowledges the development and work of CYPSCs since 2007, prioritises key issues to be addressed strategically and operationally and includes an Action Plan 2015 - 2017.  







The Blueprint for the development of Children and Young People’s Services Committees was formally launched at the CYPSC National Seminar       "Achieving together for children and young people" by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, James Reilly TD.  Addressing seminar attendees Minister Reilly stated:

"I am aware of pressures on all services for children and young people.  CYPSCs are a vehicle to deliver on our individual and common goals and I would like those of you representing organisations to push the message within your respective organisations that CYPSCs are vehicles for change. And that we have a role in delivery upon such change.  That there is collective benefit, and there are individual benefits for all our organisations, and in turn, and most importantly clear benefits for children and young people. This blueprint is an outline of that picture. Please read it and consider how you can contribute.  Consider how your organisation can benefit.  It offers a vision of interagency working built on our expertise to date, and a vision for the future."







Click here to download a copy of the Blueprint for the development of Children and Young People’s Services Committees.

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