Report on “How well are you implementing?”

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A short report documenting the recent Implementation Workshop for Children and Young People’s Services Committees is now available. 50+ individuals from 21 local CYPSC were amongst those who participated in the event; taking time out from busy schedules to collectively consider Implementation Science and its application in interagency working.







Participants at the Implementation Workshop for CYPSC

Workshop participants found this opportunity for collective learning and reflection with CYPSC colleagues to be most beneficial. Here are just a few quotes about the workshop experience from some of those who attended:

'I found the day stimulating over all. I enjoyed the theory element and found it applicable to the committee process. The suggestions were relevant and the models and concepts were accessible.' - CYPSC Member working in the community and voluntary sector.

'It focussed my mind especially on drawing up an induction system for [Committee] members and a pack that could be used to introduce people replacing others on the CYPSC.' – CYPSC Co-ordinator

'Excellent workshop which is not only beneficial for planning CYPSC but also other areas of work.' - CYPSC Member working in Tusla, the Child and Family Agency.









L-R: Stella Owens, Project Specialist, CES; Allison Metz, Co-director, NIRN; Colma Nic Lughadha, National Co-ordinator for Children and Young People's Services Committees, CES; Katie Burke, Senior Manager, CES.

This Implementation Workshop asked CYPSC members to think about what actions they will take as a result of attending the workshop. The following quotes from CYPSC members might serve to help and inform others on committees across Ireland:   

'In terms of actions, the CYPSC Co-ordinator and I are going to meet to develop the ideas that the group came up with when given the opportunity to talk together about the needs of the Committee.' – CYPSC member.

'Will discuss the questions raised [at the workshop] with the Committee and stimulate a drive for more clarity on role and responsibility.' – CYPSC member working in community and voluntary sector.

'We will revisit some of our priority areas of our new plan on the basis of this presentation.' – CYPSC Co-ordinator.

'I forwarded the presentation and summary of key learning and observation to the CYPSC for dissemination to all members in order to share learning outcomes from the workshop.' – CYPSC Member working in the Early Years sector.

'I am already using the drivers to identify actions required and planning. Also have planned a meeting with Co-ordinator and Area Manager to progress some of the points.' - CYPSC Member working in Tusla, Child and Family Agency.

'Action as a result of workshop:  Look at a method for two-way communication between CYPSC representatives and their "parent" organisation.' – CYPSC Co-ordinator.

Participants at the Implementation Workshop for CYPSC

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