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Pramerica has kindly donated ten refurbished laptops to support 10 students through COVID-19, in response to the Donegal CYPSC Laptop Appeal.

With a generous gesture Pramerica joined forces with Donegal CYPSC to help students get the academic term off to a good start.

It was just a few weeks into "lockdown" when the Donegal Youth Council started to raise awareness about the impact COVID-19 restrictions were having on their peers at school. Council members described how many of our young people in Donegal were struggling to continue their school work remotely; trying to access Google Classrooms and school material via their phones, as they didn’t  have access to a PC or laptop.  Or they were juggling the use of a laptop or PC with brothers and sisters or a parent working from home.  This was causing increased stress and anxiety for young people and for their families.

Donegal CYPSC reached out to Toni Forrester of  Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce seeking options to try to address this need and Pramerica quickly offered their assistance.

In accepting the laptop donation Martin Gallen of Donegal Education and Training Board and Chairperson of  Donegal CYPSC Education and Learning Subcommittee noted  

“The COVID-19 restrictions have brought about a major shift in how learning happens:  remote learning, the use of on-line resources, Google classrooms and classes via Zoom.  These new means of learning have necessitated the development of new skills and ways of communicating."

"Unfortunately, not all students have access to a digital device so on behalf of Donegal CYPSC, I would like to thank Christopher Lynch of Pramerica for this generous donation which will make a real difference for the young people who will use these laptops. Also special thanks to Toni Forrester and the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce for their support in this collaboration.”

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