Launch of Meath CYPSC Website - April 2014

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Meath Children and Young People's Services Committee launched in April 2014 at Beaufort College in Navan.

The website serves as a signpost for children and family services in the county and also contains information on the work of Meath Children and Young People's Services Committee. 

The website provides the contact details of relevant services based on the needs of the child, a calendar of events with news and training opportunities, and a series of links to helpful resources in the county.

“We hope that families will find this website helpful and will spread the word about this resource. We want to become the go-to place for families looking for resources, supports or activities in Meath,” said Se Fulham, Manager of Navan Springboard Family Support Services, which partnered with Tulsa and the Louth and Meath Education and Training Board to launch the website.

Leonard Callaghan, Co-ordinator of Meath CYPSC said that the website ‘will tie in with the needs analysis finding in the Working for Children Summary Support'. The summary report ‘An Audit of Services and Needs Analysis of Children’s Services in County Meath provides accurate information on children services and local needs in the county. 

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