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Dublin City North CYPSC are delighted to publish findings from an independent review of the Mind-It Project. a locally developed, responsive youth support pilot project.

Mind-It was established  in response to findings from Dublin City North CYPSC's needs analysis report noting limited provision of services and delays in access to counselling supports for young people.  Supporting youth mental health and well being between June 2020 and December 2021, 85 young people were provided with 482 counselling sessions. 

The project, a counselling and wellbeing initiative was developed with the support of interagency partners - Sphere17 Regional Youth Service and Cabra for Youth, HSE Connecting for Life and the CYPSC Mental Health and Wellbeing Subgroup.  Funded by the Community Mental Health Fund provided by the Department of Health Mind-It was designed to support young people aged 12-21 years living in Dublin 5, 7, 13 and 17.  It offered up to 9 sessions of free counselling to young people in need, through local youth services, and later in school settings.

The Mind-It review report documents the interagency model of practice applied to realise a bespoke local response to need, the impacts of the service, and the challenges and opportunities for continuing this work.  

...young people made substantial improvements in various areas of their lives such as family, friends, feelings about myself, feelings about the future, from the beginning to the end of the programme.

The review report recommends a continuation of the Mind-It Project or similar model of service and Dublin City North CYPSC are pleased to be able to support an expansion in 2022 under the care of the Listen Project providing continuity and focus via school-based provision.

“...It’s been needed for so long within the area. I definitely think the fact that counsellors are coming into schools is much better than the students having to go to them." (School Representative)

Read the full report:

An Independent Review of “Mind-It” – A Dublin City North Youth Support Pilot Project 

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