Guidelines for Planning Youth Party Nights

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Galway CYPSC recently supported the development of a new set of guidelines for the protection and safety of young people at youth discos, party nights and events.

The guidelines, drawn up through multi-agency discussions and collaboration, will assist people who run these type of youth events to be informed about keeping young people safe.

Those involved in the development of the guidelines include Paul Tannian, Tusla Family Support Services, Liam O’Loughlin, Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force, Frances Forde, Jigsaw Galway and Garda Ciara Moran, Juvenile Liaison Officer. These people were approached by parents who had concerns regarding standards at youth discos and parties.











Speaking at the launch Liam O’ Loughlin explained 

These guidelines are intended to assist party organisers to develop great nights out for young people while taking readily available steps to ensure they remain safe. We began searching for guidelines and were amazed that none existed in Ireland or England. In fact the only similar guidelines we were able to find were from Australia”.

The guidelines were a number of years in development.  Widespread consultations took place with young people and youth services, parents, Jigsaw Galway, An Garda Síochana, Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force, Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board, Health Service Executive, transport providers and the Road Safety Authority.

Once drafted they were brought to Galway CYPSC for wider consultation and feedback and the CYPSC funded the design and printing of the guidelines.

Within this set of guidelines party organisers are offered advice and guidance on all relevant aspects of planning and running a safe event. Some of the areas include the sale of tickets, venue selection, safe transport and dealing with issues which may arise such as drug and alcohol issues or assaults.

       Frances Forde, Jigsaw, Caroline Duignan, CYPSC Co-ordinator, Aidan Waterstone, Tusla, Angela Toolis, Tusla, Liam O’Loughlin, Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force, Garda Ciara Moran, and Inspector Kevin Gately. 

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