Global Implementation Conference 2015

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The Global Implementation Conference is taking place at the Dublin Convention Centre on the 26th - 28th May 2015, this is the first time it will be held outside of the United States. This year's conference theme is Implementation for Impact

The conference will provide a unique opportunity for Europe to host a range of international speakers specialising in the area of "implementation", as well as practitioners and policy makers interested in how implementation can enhance services and their work. 

Participants will have an interest in improving implementation of policies, programmes and practices across health, education, social care, justice and other human services and will find opportunities to share their own experience and learn from others too.

A pre-conference Implementation Academy will take place at Trinity College Dublin on 26 May where participants can learn about implementation at three-hour Masterclasses. The European Implementation Collaborative will be launched following the Implementation Academy and is open to anyone attending the Implementation Academy or the Global Implementation Conference (GIC).



Implementation Academy 

Masterclasses at introductory or more advanced levels, taught by experts in implementation science and practice.  

European Implementation Collaborative Launch

The EIC will make links and facilitate exchange of learning within Europe and internationally on implementation science and practice; working with individual country and regional implementation initiatives.

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Global Implementation Conference

The Irish Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar will give the opening address.

The keynote speaker in the afternoon will be Stephen BrienPh.D., Director, Social Finance, London, UK who will discuss 'The Better the Social Outcome, the Better the Financial Return'.

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Global Implementation Conference

The keynote speaker in the morning will be Lisa SaldanaSenior Research Scientist, Oregon Social Learning Center who will discuss 'Guiding Organisations toward Successful Implementation: Building an Evidence-Based Strategy for Implementation Assessment and Feedback'.

The closing keynote speaker will be Bryan WeinerPh.D., Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who will discuss 'The overlooked elements in the implementation infrastructure'.

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