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Dublin City North CYPSC publishes its report exploring the nature and extent of services in its area.

The report is the culmination of research undertaken by Quality Matters on behalf of Dublin City North CYPSC. The research was funded by Tusla Child and Family Agency and Dublin City Council. It explores the nature and extent of services in the area, and engaged with community stakeholders on their perceptions of local service provision and service gaps.

The research has highlighted Dublin City North as a dynamic and diverse area that is home to over 98,000 children and young people under the age of 25. While the level of need varies greatly, it is of particular concern that “the area contains 11 of the 50 most deprived small electoral divisions in the country.”

The research identified 1,218 resources providing a wide spectrum of support across nine service categories. However, the report points out that these resources are not equally available or accessible across the Dublin City North CYPSC area.

Through consultation with 338 professionals, young people and parents, a number of barriers to services were highlighted including restricted catchments, waiting lists, proximity of services and  lack of availability. Significant gaps in service provision were also recognised, including, but not limited to: age –appropriate mental health and drug services; further supports for parents; sexual health services; housing facilities for young people and families; and supports for young carers.

This research marks a positive first step to understand some of the strengths, needs and gaps in Dublin City North.  It is also filled with opportunities to grow learning and build collective responses with and for children and young people.  

Dublin City North now has a robust database of services and resources that can be further developed to share publicly in the future. The CYPSC will draw on the learning from this research and build on this alongside community partners; and work to strengthen responses to the needs of children and young people.  

The report will inform the development of Dublin City North CYPSC's 3-year Children and Young People’s Plan. Recommendations from the report and from the community will underpin the development and delivery of a comprehensive and inclusive plan for the area

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