“Make One Change Campaign”

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The Parent Hub Donegal have launched their 2017 “Make One Change” Campaign. This challenges and encourages families to make a New Year’s Resolution that improves family life.

The three key messages in this year's campaign are 

“The Parent Child Relationship is Key

Positive Parenting Works” 

"Buy Well, Eat Well, Be Well”

The Parent Hub will be promoting other key messages throughout 2017.

How can families get involved?

ParentHub Donegal is asking parents to think about things that could make family life better for them and their loved ones and to decide together on one positive change for 2017. 

This is the fourth year of the Campaign and over the years it has gone from strength to strength. Each year all those who send in their agreed change are entered into a free draw for great prizes donated by businesses across County Donegal. 

The Campaign information is available on the Parent Hub website and Facebook. Schools in Donegal will receive information and leaflets are available in local Family Resource Centres across the county.

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