Why Child Trauma Matters - webinar 5th November 2021

Following recent  local consultation in Dublin South City on Childhood Trauma Informed practice, Dublin City South CYPSC, BCR &  TUSLA Dublin South Central are hosted a webinar - 'Why Child Trauma Matters' with Jonny Matthew  on Friday 5th November 2021

The webinar was very well recieved, and is available to review via these  follow-up materials after the event below:

  • Recording of Jonny's presentation email Coordinator 

  • Slides from Jonny's presentation here

  • Paper on Empathy recommended by Jonny here

  • Evaluation of the Enhanced Case Management project here

Jonny Matthew, is a highly-regarded inspirational leader in the field of trauma-informed practice.
The purpose of this event is to set the ball rolling in bedding down a trauma-informed approach for all of us in Dublin South City who support children and young people in crisis.