Dublin City South Healthy Ireland Primary Schools Support 02.10.2018

Healthy Ireland Grant Funding for Dublin City South Primary Schools 2018

Following a successful application by our CYPSC to Healthy Ireland, a small grant was made available to purchase small scale equipment to support the implementation of the National Activity Plan thus increasing the promotion of skills development and the integration of exercise  and physical activity into the school day.

That the resources purchased in each school on receipt of the bursary will: 

  • engage an increased number of children in physical activity each day during school hours.
  • heighten the awareness of the positive impact of physical fitness on both mental and physical health
  • support teachers in the planning of additional physical activities during the school day
  • will support teachers in the integration of physical activities and skills development into cross curricular planning.

The deadline for the Grant Application is Friday 19th October 2018.

Healthy Ireland Supports for Dublin City South Primary Schools 02.10.2018

In order to maximise the potential of local Primary Schools to promote skills developement, exercise and physical activites an information session was held on the 2nd October 2018 in the Wood Quay Venue. The session aimed to showcase the supports that are available to schools and communities through our Partner Organisations. The following presentations were made at the event,

A number of resources were highlighted in the Presentations given