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DLR CYPSC is delighted that the first Children and Young People's Plan has been reviewed and approved of by the National CYPSC and DCYA Review Panel. This plan contains extensive socio-demographic data analysis and comprehensive service mapping specific to the child and youth population.

The strategic priorites are informed by consultations with over 140 stakeholder services and with over 200 young people from a range of diverse backgrounds. The interagency work packages have been agreed using Outcomes Based Accountabilitly process planning and will be progressed by each of the 5 interagency Subgroups.

These expert working Subgroups are comprised of statutory, community, voluntary and young leaders who are deeply committed to collaboration and social change. Please read the 2020-2022 plan  here 


Summary of the new Children and Young People's Plan 2020-2022

Recognising that your time is precious, DLR CYPSC is pleased to offer a colourful and easy to read summary of the longer full county plan to improve outcomes for the Child and Youth population during 2020-2022. Key demographics, priorities and interagency Subgroup images are included. Please have a quick look at the summary here.







DLR CYPSC worked with 30 services recently to co-produce a video showcasing the dynamic interagency collaboration that has resulted in the county plan.  It's 22 minutes long but well worth your time for a great overview of some of the committed leaders, stakeholder services and interagency projects involved with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown CYPSC   https://youtu.be/ygoAo3MmKA8 






The Tusla CEO Bernard Gloster kindly sent an encouraging 5 minute video message on the value of interagency collaboration  to the services working together in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown to make life better for chlidren and young people. This special message was sent on the occasion of the launch of our first CYPSC plan 2020-2022: https://youtu.be/UxHzTV-Kohc  








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