Playfully Navigating the ‘Now Normal’ : Spring Edition

Dublin City South CYPSC & TUSLA Dublin South Central, webinar

Transformational Transitions: COVID-19 and the Tweenager

Thursday 11th February 2021 @7pm - 8.30pm

Pre-adolescence, often referred to as the “tween” years (defined loosely as the years between eight or nine to twelve) is a time of monumental shifts in your child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, & social development. It’s a time of growing independence but it can also be scary for kids. So while it’s completely normal for your child to start turning away from you and relying more on friends, kids this age are still very much in need of parental support and guidance—even when they tell you otherwise! In order to help, it can be really useful to understand how your preteens and tweens are changing both inside and out. In this live webinar, psychotherapist’s Joanna Fortune and Janet Healy* will turn a curious eye to the Tweenage experience in the time of COVID-19, offering insight & a playful encounter with this most interesting of developmental stages in the life of a child. Together we will explore the trials, tribulations and jubilations associated with the Tweenage years - characterised by significant psychological, physical, emotional and relational changes - with a special focus on supporting a child’s transition from primary to secondary school, and how a playful and play-filled approach to parenting can help to weather the storm. 

Targeted Audience: Parents & those working with Children & families, as a personal and professional support.

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Dublin City South CYPSC 

About the speakers*

Janet Healy is an accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist and the clinical director of Reflecting Minds Psychotherapy (, with consulting rooms in Celbridge, Co. Kildare and Dublin 2. In addition to her individual therapeutic work with adults, Janet has over 12 years experience working with children and their families through an Attachment- focused - and more recently - a Theraplay® informed practice. She has extensive experience of working with Complex and Developmental Trauma through the delivery of specialist psychotherapeutic supports and interventions to at-risk children and young people on the Child Protection Notification System (CPNS) and those In or On-The-Edge of Care. Janet provides systemic and trauma-informed therapeutic supports, psycho-education, and case consultation services to Parents, Foster Carers, Schools, Residential and Social Work teams nationally She is particularly interested in, and deeply committed to, bringing psychoanalytic thinking and understanding to everyday experience outside the consulting room.

Joanna Fortune is an accredited psychotherapist, author and media contributor. She founded the Solamh Parent Child Relationship Clinic in Dublin in 2010 ( where she works with families around a variety of issues, specialising in attachment therapy. She is a recognised supervisor, trainer and conference speaker in her field. In 2017 she delivered a TEDx Talk on the topic “Social media - the ultimate shame game?”. Having previously written a parenting column for the Sunday Times (Ireland Edition) she continues to write and contribute to articles on child development and parenting in various other print publications. She is also a regular media contributor to a variety of Irish radio and TV shows including regular appearances on Ireland AM and RTE's Today Show among others. She is the consultant on the weekly parenting slot on Newstalk FM's Sean Moncrieff Show. She has contributed to a number of books and publications and her 15 minute parenting 3 book series is published by Bookouture UK and is available now in print, digital and audio formats. 

This webinar series, in addition to the ‘‘Playful Parenting in a Pandemic’ video series, was conceived, developed and produced by Janet Healy, in collaboration with Joanna Fortune, on behalf of Dublin City South Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYSPC) & Tusla: The Child and Family Agency: Dublin South Central.